After Hours Medical Services

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After Hours Medical Services

After Hours Medical Services services offered in Atlanta, GA

When a health concern arises outside of normal business hours, getting medical attention right away is still sometimes necessary. With after-hours medical services through VirtuaReal Health, you can still receive the attention or advice you need in a timely manner. These services are offered to Patients, regardless of home setting. In essence, we provide after hours/on-call services to the Patient in the home, Nursing facility, SNF, assisted Living settings. These services can be provided telephonically or via smart devices. To set up an after-hours virtual visit with our team, call Atlanta, Georgia-based VirtuaReal Health or schedule your appointment online today

After Hours Medical Services Q & A

What are after-hours/On Call medical services?

After-hours/On-call medical services is the healthcare you need for any issues or concerns that arise after hours.

While VirtuaReal Health is a telehealth practice, the team can talk to you right away during after hours and on weekends when you need impromptu medical advice. 

If you require services that need in-person care or attention, the team puts you in contact with local medical professionals who can give you the care you need. 

By making these services available when normally the only option would be an emergency room visit, VirtuaReal Health helps you avoid long wait times and costly medical care that might not be necessary. 

Which after-hours medical services might I need?

VirtuaReal Health uses an advanced remote patient monitoring system. Once set up, we can check on your blood pressure, glucose, heart rate to assess current trends of your health. If we receive an abnormal reading, you will be contacted for after-hours care.

You can also contact them if you have any of your own health concerns or questions that require a response right away. 

The team can help you directly or put you in contact with ancillary services such as:

  • After Hour Pharmacies
  • Mobile Phlebotomists
  • Portable X-rays companies
  • Visiting Wound care Nurses

Accessing these services when medical facilities are closed or out of your reach can help prevent hospitalizations and complications by taking early action. 

Who needs after-hours medical services?

The VirtuaReal Health team encourages you to contact them for after-hours medical services if you feel that your symptoms are getting worse or if you notice signs of a medical complication that can’t wait hours, days, or weeks for an evaluation or treatment. 

Older adults and patients in nursing homes and other care facilities may especially benefit from after-hours medical care, specifically  if they have conditions such as:

  • New onset Heart concerns
  • Respiratory changes
  • Acute Digestive problems
  • Signs of an infection
  • Non-life-threatening injuries

Although older patients or those with co-morbidities are more likely than other populations to require these services, anyone can get them and might need them at some point in time. Getting medical attention or advice right away can put your mind at ease when it comes to concerning developments regarding your health. 

For more information about after-hours medical services and urgent care, call VirtuaReal Health or schedule an appointment online today.